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Gold Products

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History about me !

My name is Lee Foster and I am the owner of The Gold Plating Company Ltd. I have been running the company since March 2007 and have never looked back. This was the best decision I made when looking for a new job and love what I do. I have always wanted to be my own boss and finally got there in the end after many jobs since leaving school. I started the business by selling my motorbike and purchasing the various equipment needed after lots of research on the internet and making various telephone calls to see what the job entailed. I decided this was something very interesting and unusual and would make a good business. The company now has many return customers and I thank you all for helping us to get the business off to a good start. We have slowly over the past 11 years built up the good reputation of the company and have done work for many people including V.I.P. We take pride in our work and quality and will always do that as I am a fussy person. Everything we do has to be perfect (so i'm told), but there is nothing wrong with this as this reflects on the quality of our work.

Where we are
We are in Westhoughton, Bolton, which is in between Manchester and Preston. Our local town centre is Market Street and we are around 1 mile from there.

Who we do work for
We do work for the general public, companies, stars, TV. We have basically done work for many clients. We have done a lot of work for other plating companies due to our flexibility. We do not limit ourselves to a certain type of work and will try our best to complete all jobs that we get asked to do.

Types of work we can do
We can do all metals new or old, apart from Aluminium & Zinc. We can also plate onto plastic but have limitations with this due to the long process required to achieve a good quality finish. Golf balls are the main thing we do in plastic as these are asked for all the time. Conductivity requirements for machinery parts are another thing we do requiring the plastic plating process.

Items we can plate
We can plate lots of items large or small. Items like Bathroom fittings, Light Fittings, Antiques, Car Emblems, Golf Clubs, Jewellery (Watches, Earrings, Rings, Chains, Bracelets, Belly Button Bars, Tongue Bars, Cuff Links etc...), Motorbike Parts, Car Parts, Cameras, Mobile Phones, Door Handles, Cutlery, Ipods, Pens, Tools.... The list is endless really but that is just a short list of the many things we can plate in all finishes.

The finishes we do
Gold. 24ct Gold, 18ct Gold, 9ct Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Green Gold and Antique Gold in 3 different shades. Other finishes include Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. We also do Bright Copper Plating, Bright Nickel Plating and Antique Copper Plating. We can also do Chrome Stripping and Nickel Stripping.

Metal Polishing
We do Metal Polishing also and can achieve various finishes. Linishing, Satin Finish Polishing, Mirror Polishing, Aluminium Polishing, Paint Removal, and Mopping up. We do this to all types of metal including polishing of Stainless Steel. Good quality Stainless Steel can be polished without being plated afterwards as it does not rust.


Thank You
We would like to thank all our previous customers for getting the business off to a good start and would also like to thank all existing customers that keep the business in operation. Without you all we would not be here now. We would like to say a big thank you to Lee Wilkinson of Bolton who has been a customer right from the very start of our operation. Lee has had a Mobile Phone gold plated by us and mainly brings us all his motorcycle vespa scooter parts for plating. He had his bike featured in the Scootering Magazine Issue No. 275, May 2009. We do have a copy to show any customer wishing to see this. He was kind enough to mention our company in this feature and was amazed when we got the magazine and saw what he had said about us. This is what was said:

" For the brightwork Lee would like to thank the gold plating company of Bolton for the excellent job they did of making dull bits shine, and looking at the photos, you can see why he rates them highly and why he'd use them again if needed".

Lee is the most pleasant person we have come across and appreciate all the comments we get from him. It is a joy to have a customer like Lee and thank him for the mention in the magazine.

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare CH4
We would also like to thank Sarah Beeny and the team from CH4 for giving us the opportunity to appear on her show aired on CH4 in November 2011. The work we did involved renovating old bathroom fittings and making them new again in gold. Sarah was then good enough to mention us in The Sun newspaper on January 20th 2013. This is what Sarah said:

" I've been asked by a reader where to find a stylish replacement for a gold tap. I recommend buying a tap they like then having it Gold-Plated. This may sound ridiculously extravagent, but it's actually more reasonable than you might think - ours cost less than £100 to do.
This process is also known as "dipping", but make sure you have a tap dipped in gold and not bronze. I've tried both and bronze tarnishes much more easily. See goldplating1.co.uk".