New tank plating we can now do...
Items we have tank plated
The items above are what we have tank plated in our Rose Gold Plating tank and in our 24ct Gold Plating tank.

We are now able to offer tank plating in 24ct gold, rose gold, bright nickel & bright copper. We cannot use our tank plating process to electroplate on Stainless Steel, however, we can use our brush plating method for stainless steel.

Using our tank plating method we are able to plate to thicknesses required and can build up good layers especially onto Silver items. Silver items can go straight into our gold tank plating solution and our rose gold tank plating solution with no other processes required apart from our cleaning tank.

As we now have a copper plating tank and a nickel plating tank this enables us to plate onto pewter items.

We can also use our nickel plating tank solution to nickel plate onto steel, brass, copper and also pewter.

Our copper plating tank solution enables us to copper plate onto steel, brass, copper and pewter, although steel will need a flash of nickel for bonding purposes.

*We do have a minimum plating charge of £30.00 for any work taken on*

Any work taken on over £500 will require a minimum of 50% deposit and paid for using bank transfer. This will be discussed with the customer upon clarification of the work being carried out.