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Watch Gold Plated in 24ct Gold
Kitchen Utensils Gold Plated in 24ct Gold
Toilet Push Button Gold Plated

Collection of Gold Plated Apple IPods

24ct Gold Plated Apple IPods. This was part of a set of 240 we did.

This collection of IPods was part of an order we received from a company in London for 240 IPods. They was being given away as part of a promotion for a band in Singapore.

They needed to be personalised which included getting a logo engraved on the rear of them all.

The process for these was to get the original logo on the rear linished off and returned to a mirror polished finish. The we had to get the logo engraved on the rear. We then 24ct gold plated the IPods and they looked amazing.

We then hand delivered these to London personally so nothing went wrong with the delivery due to a small time scale we had. The only thing that went wrong with this job was the congestion charge in London. I never knew how it worked and thought it was just for people parking up in London. I was literally met at the door by the customer, handed the IPods over and left without parking at all. I received a fine in the post a few days later.